Here is another variety of bread roll up, another version your normal and picky eater will love. Easy to put together make it a no-cook recipe by using sardine or tuna fish to replace the scrambled egg.

What a fun way of feeding kids with a healthy meal. A meal you don’t have to worry about what it is made of. Adopt this healthy fun way for your precious, healthy meal means a healthy brain.

You  can use boiled egg with a veggie and pan toast like this recipe


  • 4 sliced white bread
  • Scramble egg (fried egg)
  • Cream cheese or Mayonnaise


  1. Cut out the bread crust
  2. Flatten the bread with a rolling pin
  3. Spread the cream cheese or mayonnaise on it, make sure you put it to the edge
  4. Add the scrambled egg
  5. Roll it up and let seal at the edge

Let the kid enjoy it with milk. You can check here for another version of bread roll up.