Hi lovelies

Three months ago I nailed the recipe of dairy-free milk. Have been on this dairy-free milk page since last year but we keep going back to dairy milk because my kids do not like the taste of nut milk, not until I came across oat and rice milk which taste good and natural.

I decided to give a try as a homemade mama that I am, it was a huge success so I started experimenting. I now have about five dairy-free milk. I promise to share all the five recipes with you. We use the milk for anything that needs milk, it’s so versatile.

The sweetness of this milk depends on your taste if you want more sweet milk, add more dates and vice-versa. If you want creamy milk I mean like evaporated milk then you have to reduce the water but am sure you are going to love the exact recipe I gave you. I used dates but you substitute dates for sugar or honey.

The major ingredient in this milk is tiger nut. Tiger nut is not actually a nut rather a tuber because is a root nut, read more about the nutrients content HERE.


Don’t forget to share with loved ones.

You can watch how I make it HERE


1 cup soaked tiger nut

1/4 cup diced coconut

1/3 cup soaked oat

5-6 dates

1/2 teaspoon spice(i use cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom)

3 cups warm water


  1. Add all recipe to a blender
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. Strain with a muslin cloth or strainer
  4. Repeat the process with 1 cup of water
  5. Enjoy your milk!!!