Hello everyone

Do you buy sausage meat?

Let me share how I make chicken sausage for little ones. This sausage is loaded with vegetables and you can make the vegetable hidden.

        Chicken Sauage

My little tummies are good with veggies so made ours visible if yours will pick out veggie from their food then make it hidden by blend all the veggie with the chicken. Store-bought sausage if preserved and as nitrate which you don’t want in your kid’s food. Making your own gives you full assurance of the ingredients and is economical. You can use the chicken sausage for a sausage roll, breakfast scrambled egg or in recipe that calls for sausage meat.


You can substitute ugu, kale for spinach. Also, leave out the veggie that is hard to source like broccoli.


500g boneless chicken

1 cup chopped Mushroom

1 onion

1 cup spinach

1 capsicum pepper (tatashe)

1 chilli pepper (bower)

3 floret broccoli

2 slice of bread

1 tablespoon spice

1 teaspoon salt



  • Blend the bread coarsely in the spice grinder.
  • Blend the chicken and spinach in the food processor or spice grinder.
  • Shred the carrot. Saute the mushroom and onion.
  • Add the sauteed mushroom and peppers to the blender and pulse blend for a few minutes.
  • Add the blended mushroom to the chicken, add the spice, salt, and bread together
  • Mix to incorporate
  • Cut a parchment paper or  cling film
  • Add a full cooking scoop to it and use you hand to shape it to a rectangular shape.
  • Wrap and freeze it.

Anytime you want to use it, bring it out some minutes before.