Hello mamas and papas.  I’m Rafiat; a mom and wife from Nigeria base in Qatar. I am an advocate of healthy living for kids, from infant to 18 years. I develop recipes for little tummies, call me little tummy’s chef.
  • Let’s switch from shelf baby food to homemade food
  • Let’s switch from junks to home cooking
Homemade food is always the better option. It is healthier, economical and gives the opportunity to control what your little one eat while leaving out the toxic ingredients in store-bought food. Real food doesn’t last 3 months on the shelf.
As a mum, I spend most of my free time studying how to make nutritional meals, snack and drink for my adorable kids without depriving them of their childhood food memories.
There are no diet restrictions here, but be well assured you will get a swap, substitution and allergy-friendly food if you have an allergic child.
I hope you enjoy the healthy lifestyle with your little ones as I do with mine